DeFever Forum Guidelines

Below are some general guidelines for the DeFever Cruisers Forum.   They are intended to provide some basic ideas on how to interact with the forum. They are not hard and fast "rules" but things to consider and a short list of things which will not be tolerated.  For an explanation of how the forum works, see DeFever Forum Basics. If you have any questions, please refer them to the 
Forum moderator.


  • Please respect your fellow members' time and attention.  Strive to be clear, concise, and courteous. Our subject matter naturally includes matters of opinion; if you happen to disagree with another member, please do so respectfully.
  • Remember to trim your posts! Messages go to many owners cruising with limited bandwidth. Please do not copy long previous messages as part of your post and leave off legal boilerplate and pictures in signature blocks. All it takes is a little judicious editing on your part when you post.
  • Attachments (photos and files) are allowed within a topic and the judicious use of screenshots and other illustrations is encouraged!
  • Photos and files may be uploaded to the related sections. If you are uploading a group of pictures or files, please create an album/folder with a related name, and then load the items into it. File folders may have pictures included, but picture albums cannot have files.  Files and photos from the old Yahoo DeFever Forum are in albums within each section.
  • Please keep on subject when replying to messages and not "hijack" the message by taking it in a new direction.  If you want to address another related subject, start a new topic.
  • Be aware that the bad guys are clever!  You are encouraged to be vigilant against any and all threats arriving via email. The DeFever Cruisers Forum makes no guarantees regarding the safety of emails arriving from this or any other address.
  • We are always looking for suggestions from our members to make this Forum better for all. Feel free to address any questions, comments, or concerns directly to the Forum moderator.

Untolerated behavior:
  Those who violate these few simple rules will be subject to removal from the Forum.

    • Inappropriate language (generally containing just 4 letters)
    • Personal attacks (you may disagree; just keep it to the subject, not the person)
    • Solicitations for business (if you are trying to sell something, see one of the For Sale subgroups) 
    • Off-topic posts, i.e. not related to boats and cruising, will be deleted (leave religion and politics for another forum)

Happy boating!

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