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This is a forum of yachting enthusiasts who share a passion for our vessels and the cruising life! 

About This Forum – This is a membership-only Forum with over 500 members representing most states in the US and 13 other nations around the world. Paid membership in DeFever Cruisers is required in order to join this Forum   Information on memberships and how to join is found at Join DeFever Cruisers. Please note that commercial use of the DeFever Cruisers website and this Forum is not permitted.

Our Organization – Most of our members own a vessel designed by the late Arthur DeFever, but others who admire his designs are welcome. We often cruise with fellow members and gather for fun on scenic beaches.  We plan rendezvous at a resort for seminars, touring other boats, and sharing spirited fellowship.

Our Vessels – Sometimes called trawlers, DeFevers are traditional in their lines.  They are designed for efficient and extended travel in comfort and safety on the open sea or the inland waterways of the world.  Not all members own DeFevers, we also have some SOB (Some Other Boat) owners who enjoy our members and cruising.

Our People – We love our boats and we love to cruise. We are mature but never old, adventurous but not foolhardy, self-sufficient but not reclusive, and rich in common sense. We are "real people."

Our Passion for Helping Others – Many of your members have extensive boating experience, much of which has been on DeFevers.  And as we all know, “boating experience” is not just how to drive the boat, but how to maintain and repair it as well.  There is not much you can come up with that someone in this Forum has not already experienced.  The true value of the DeFever Cruisers Forum is its members and their willingness to share their time and knowledge.

How it Works – Like most Forums, members may post questions about their boats or cruising issues and get advice from other members.

How to Join – If you are not a member of DeFever Cruisers, you may join at Join DeFever Cruisers which will include membership in this Forum.  

Hope you will join us!

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